A Twist In My Story | Rumpelstiltskin, Belle and Cora


Then you have mine. I will go with you — forever.

Oh, her own words had echoed over and over in an incessant loop upon her psyche during the carriage ride to the Dark Castle, almost seeming to try and combat the grating silence that otherwise persisted. She was to be the caretaker of the Dark One, a title that, well … one that she hadn’t thought to have existed or one that ever would be made into existence, really. If not by sheer reputation warding off any potential candidates (oh, also the fact that he wanted someone to fill the bill was surprising enough in its own regard), Rumpelstiltskin supposedly had some of the most powerful magic — if not the most powerful — in all the realm. Surely one wave of his hand could clean his home and summon his meals?

                                It seemed almost … redundant for him
                                           to be seeking out such domestic help.

And yet … here Belle was, being ushered through the monstrously looming front doors of his castle, bearing the title of his caretaker. His maid; she could only look around in inevitable wonderment as her eyes drank in the sight of what she had traded her people’s safety for.

Steps trailing carefully behind his as he passed through the engulfing frame and into the entrance hall, Belle’s eyes were everywhere but on his form as Rumpelstiltskin led her further into his less-than-humble abode. Sweeping architecture, lavish woven tapestries … such a place was certainly befitting of his accordingly daunting moniker, but it wasn’t just the grandeur of it all that had the brunette’s eyes widening as her footfalls hesitantly moved her forward. It was all so … cold — as if someone hadn’t lived here for centuries. Cobwebs strung from the corners of the walls, dust lining near every surface that her eyes grazed over — this wasn’t a home, this was a stone mortuary.

                                                        — Was this really where she
                                                                       was to spend the rest of her life?

[I suppose you’ll need the day to get settled in and see where everything is … you shall start your duties tomorrow." ] The sudden intrusion of his voice had Belle’s head returning to eye level, finding his gaze almost unsettlingly — those mossy teeth of his peering out at her through his smirk — fixed upon her. [Oh, and do be careful of the dragon lurking about the castle … she bites."

                                        Wait, what?

Brows instantly furrowing together in a mix of innate startlement and worry, Belle could only look at him in disbelief. “A … you have a dragon?”

                   What sort of sane person kept a d r a g o n
                              locked away in his castle?

        Oh, but then again …
               this was the Dark One
                       she was dealing with.

"I do believe that he’s talking about me, dear,” Cora’s dry voice sounded from behind the pair, having entered the room unseen. “Not the most affectionate pet name a man could have for his wife, but, then again, Rumple is no ordinary man.” A smile fixed itself on her red lips as dark eyes met Belle’s blue. “But I’m sure that much you’ve gathered already.”

It wasn’t uncommon for Rumple to disappear for hours at a time without telling Cora where he was going. She always assumed that if she couldn’t find him, he was out dealing, as he so loved to do. But this was the first time he had come back from a deal with a person in tow. Not to mention the fact that the person happened to be a very lovely young woman.

Another woman might have been immediately jealous, but Cora was merely suspicious. After all, Rumple was no philanderer, no matter how distanced the two of them were at times. She would get the facts out of her husband before she decided whether or not it would be worth her time to start hating the younger woman. 

"Are you going to introduce me to our guest, my love," She prodded, turning to Rumple with the previous thought in mind, "or are you just going to stand there?"

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cough eternallysupreme
  • My favorite thing about them: “Her charm, her intelligence, her ruthlessness, and the fact that she appreciates in me what everyone else condemns.”
  • My least favorite thing about them: “Her compulsive drinking.”
  • Do I find them attractive? “Extremely.”
  • Are we friends? “Yes, and much more.”
  • Would I date them? “I do believe that’s what I’m doing.”
  • Would I marry them? “Neither of us are eager to marry again, but I think we more or less already have what they deem a common law marriage.
  • Would I have children with them? “We already have Evelyn.”
  • Would I die for them? “I’m not certain, and I’m fairly sure she wouldn’t be quick to say that she’d die for me either. Neither of us are very good at being selfless.”


I still think Cora and Belle, in AU, should team up and beat Zelena’s ass. It would be amazing. And arousing.

//I am totally down for this. Big time. With Belle’s brains and books and Cora’s cunning and magic, they’d be unstoppable. 

Awww, I feel bad for Cora a little bit with that face, awwwwww. It’s okay, Cora. Just pray that Zelena’s spell doesn’t work, or you and Rumple would have never met.

//I mean, she approves of the plan to kill Eva…but the rest, not so much.

Yeah… Too bad in canon for us, all that sex goes to Belle as do demi-god status twins. *MANIACAL LAUGHTER*



priceforeverything (Rumple blog~!)
  • My favorite thing about them: “His zeal for vengeance.”
  • My least favorite thing about them: “His flair for dramatics can be tedious.”
  • Do I find them attractive? “Yes.”
  • Are we friends? “Considering we’ve spent the last several decades trying to best and kill each other, I would say no.”
  • Would I date them? “I’ve already done that.”
  • Would I marry them?  ”I doubt he would agree to such a thing.”
  • Would I have children with them? “No longer possible.”
  • Would I die for them? “No.”

And probably amazing sex.

//Mind-blowingly amazing, tbh.

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